39T5430 – Lenovo T41 motherboard core 2 DUO in Mount Road


Laptop motherboard for Lenovo T41 IBM core 2 duo with good quality condition.

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Lenovo T41 IBM motherboard part number- 39T5430 ? ITservice provides the best motherboard s because laptop motherboards also known as system motherboard or main boards are the power and heart of the laptop. The laptop motherboard is the main part that all processing components inside the laptop will be communicated to other components.

Laptop motherboards are constructed with some integrated components, it includes a chipset, integrated graphics card, sound card, BIOS, CMOS clock and battery and upgraded hard drive controllers.

  • Chipset– it controls and direction the exchange of information between the different components most prominently the processor and the memory functions..
  • BIOS– is the basic program to calculate the inputs and outputs of the components
  • CMOS clock and battery ? it stores the fundamental information (time system, date and a couple of fundamental settings)
  • Whereas Processor is the brain of the laptop or computer.



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