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The bq24725 is a high-efficiency, synchronous battery charger, offering low component count for Programmable 615kHz, 750kHz, and 885kHz space-constraint, multi-chemistry battery charging Switching Frequencies applications. ? Automatic N-channel MOSFET Selection of System Power Source The bq24725 uses two charge pumps to separately from Adapter or Battery drive n-channel MOSFETs (ACFET, RBFET and Driven by Internal Charge Pumps BATFET) for automatic system power source ? Enhanced Safety Features for Over Voltage selection. Protection, Over Current Protection, Battery, SMBus controlled input current, charge current, and Inductor and MOSFET Short Circuit Protection charge voltage DACs allow for high regulation ? Programmable Input Current, Charge Voltage, accuracies that can be programmed by the system Charge Current Limits power management micro-controller.



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